Over 25 years of practice and 1000's of hours of formal study with master teachers.

Hi! I'm Joni! I LOVE to learn and have spent a large part of my life learning about how human beings work.  I began exploring metaphysical books when I was a teenager and that exploration led to a deep curiosity about how humans relate to one another and how to create meaningful relationships with the self and the other. And, conversely, what gets in the way of creating happy, loving relationships.

I'm also an artist and a lover of the outdoors. I studied art and wilderness activities when I first went to college at the age of 17. College wasn't for me at that time, so I left and went to live in a tipi in the Colorado mountains. I continued to self study psychospiritual works and supported myself by selling art. Several years , two marriages and three children later I chose complete my undergraduate degree and joined a program in which I created my own curriculum and I was awarded a degree in Wilderness Therapy. During this time I started working with adolescent girls in residential treatment. I continued on to get a Masters degree in Social Work and worked with young adults, people with addictions, and children in foster care as well as people with developmental disabilities.

I have always done deep inquiry into myself and I realized that talk therapy only went so far in the journey to self healing. I began to do sessions with an extraordinary energy healer and experienced some amazing changes in my life. Because of this I was inspired was to attend a four year integrated energy healing school, Snow Lion Center School, where a received a certificate as an integrative energy healer. All the while I had been deeply inspired by the methods that Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks had ( and continue to ) bring to the world. I devoured their books, especially Conscious Loving and Conscious Living. I became a certified Hendricks Coach in 2013 and a graduate of the Hendricks Leadership and Transformation program.

I continue on my path of discovery and I bring this joy of learning and experience into every session I share with my clients. What interests me in all areas of my life are authenticity, integrity, commitment, intuition, and personal responsibility.

What I bring to a session is a belief that you are a whole, complete human being and that I am a whole, complete human being. When we meet and presence in this energy amazing things can happen! Join me on DaoCloud, and share your journey.



Joni Dunn

  • Certified Hendricks Coach

  • LCSW

  • Artist

  • Nature Lover

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